Original Handmade Fossil Coral and Red Onyx Marble Chess Game Set – 12 inch

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Marble Chess Sets is beautifully handcrafted with premium quality Fossil Coral and Red Onyx marble, this stone chess set shows a royal charm with an artistic appeal. The marbles and onyx chess pieces are discerningly handmade with finest craftsmanship and showcases high degree of precision in design and style. Luxury of onyx chess set and coral pieces mesmerize your guests. This modern chess board originates natural beauty and emphasizes your experience with its highly polished playing surface. It is an excellent playing option for indoor as well as outdoor use, and it doesn’t get affected with the moisture content of the environment. So, whether it’s a breezy location or a day with high humidity, nothing can stop you from enjoying your game

  • WHAT IS INCLUDED: 1 Chess Board & 32 chess figures; 2 Kings, 2 Queens, 4 Knights, 4 Bishops, 4 Rooks, 16 Pawns. Comes along with NSA Branded Secure & Fragile Packaging
  • MATERIAL: This chess set is fully handmade from high quality marble onyx. Chess Board & Chess Figures are fully hand polished.
  • SIZE: Board Size: 12 Inches. King Measures: 2.7 Inches. Queen: 2.25 Inches. Bishop: 2.25 Inches. Knight: 2.25 Inches. Pawns: 1.7 Inches
  • For Everyone: It is best board game for the people of any age group; Kids to Adults.
  • Multi-Purpose: This chess set can be an exciting gift and also to used as home decor item.