JT Handmade Black Marble Spoon Rest, Spatula Holder Fork Utensil Rest Keeper & Best Housewarming Gift

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JT Handmade Black Marble Spoon Rest is made of elegant and durable marble and is completely natural stone spoon holder for stove top, so each will slightly differ in shape and pattern making them wonderfully unique. This utensil rest have enough functional space to rest your kitchen and grill utensil holder and protecting stove-top from cooking messes and add a little luxury and perfect modern solution keep Kitchen tidy and stylish. This kitchen spoon rest is a sure gadget you go for. The ideal size is best for every kitchen and lighter weight allows you for convenient use. Exquisite design, clean finish surface, and well-balanced handle base.

  • Spoon rest is made of high quality onyx marble comes in JT Secure Packing
  • It comes in size of 3.5 x 8 Inches with a Height of 0.7 Inches.
  • This Spoon rest has a strong base with enough space to rest your utensil and it can also resist hot utensils without any damage which are taken out from pot or elsewhere
  • It can also be utilized as serving tray for candies, sweets & etc.
  • A soft cloth is all you need to clean this spoon rest.