Sonic the hedgehog is the true hero who begins his journey in the Sega games. Sonic forces attract followers and gamers to complete their tasks with deep focus. Later, Sonic the hedgehog movie entertains and accumulate true fans once again; now supersonic is eager to him once again. In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Dr. Robotnik is returning with his partner having the power to pull down the civilization. Besides having a Sonic costume for Halloween cosplay, take a look at these Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise to make someone happy.

3D Illusion Sonic Night Light: Amazon

Prior to Sonic 2, why don’t you amaze your child with the 3D illusion sonic dash light? It is a wonderful gift idea for festivals, Christmas, etc.

Sonic amiibo: Amazon

In the Super Smash Bros team up your amiibo against friends at defensive and offensive capabilities. Your players are now ready for the Sonic battle.

Sonic games Kids Bedding Set: Amazon

Besides the Sonic mega collection check the bedding set of a different gaming character on the product page of the Amazon store. A comforter is included in the 4 pcs twin bed set.

Gaming Headset: Amazon

An interesting product for the sonic rider; sonic runners are full of charge during playing and listening to songs. No need to find the sonic lost world, you can gift this amazing item to your teen anytime.

Sonic Racing Car: Amazon

We bring the sonic adventure 2, a speed star made with his tail. He is a video game legend and the world’s fastest hedgehog who runs at the speed of light.

Pullover Hoodie: Amazon

The cosplay always loves to have merchandise of their favorite character. Custom artwork of the blue speedster is designed on the Sonic the hedgehog hoodie.

Sonic the Hedgehog costume: Amazon

Kids are ever ready for Sonic the Hedgehog cosplay; even you can also collect adult Sonic costumes from the store. Varieties of Sonic cosplay costumes are also available for female cosplayers.

Lunch Kit: Amazon

Millions of lunch containers are available including our 3 in 1 stainless steel lunch container but gotta go faster at school gift this item to young ones. Going fast does not mean Sonic chaos, your child love has something from sonic mania.

Black Sonic Tee: Amazon

Sonic drive-in with many characters in the gaming series, black sonic is one of them. However, it is not a customized t-shirt that you can use to print any pic on it; introduce your kid to shadow the hedgehog sonic.

Decorative Pillow Cover: Amazon

Red Sonic decorative pillow covers with the pattern of the green hills are available on the product page along with the various other titles.

Sonic the Hedgehog Socks: Amazon

Why did Sonic rush to speed? because he is the speedster of the Sega game. This sock is a 360 character sock and hopes a good present for the sonic follower.

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